Happy Valley works closely with our principle Bee Keepers. However, we source honey from all around New Zealand from the remote Far North bush, to the dense East Cape and the rugged forests in the South Island.


Bee Keeping is a complex and interesting job- to know more- keep reading:

Bee Enterprises employs at the peak of the honey flow six bee keepers who travel around south Auckland, Thames Valley, Waikato and the Taranaki regions seeing to the placement and procurement of the raw honey from around 8,000 hives.

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The hives are set in many locations but a typical area will be remote away from people and buildings, thus ensuring our honey collected is in the purest form available.

The beekeeping was started off around 25 years ago by Brian and his late wife, Christine, Leonard & Margaret Lipscombe with just a few hives, utilizing the family’s long history and passion of bee keeping. Bee keeping then grew from a hobby to business that is now run by Steve Thomas, son-in-law of Brian and Christine.

The company collects Rewarewa, Multi floral and Manuka honey to name just a few types. Collection of honey starts in September and normally finishes in March, but as with all honey collection the local weather play a critical part in the success of the crop and the health of the bees.

Typical work undertaken by the bee keepers at Bee Enterprises is:
  • Pollination of fruit crops, particularly kiwifruit.
  • Treatment of hives for varoa,
  • Feed for the bees.
  • Re queening and checking of AFB
  • General maintenance of the hives
  • Checking of crops and health of bees.