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royal jelly

Royal Jelly is the milky substance fed to the queen bee by worker bees, and the reason she grows twice the size and lives up to 30 times longer than a worker bee. Humans have used Royal Jelly for general health and vitality for thousands of years- from the Incas and Egyptians to the medical profession all over the world today.

Royal Jelly contains a chemical called 10-HDA which is only found in Royal Jelly and cannot be made artificially. It is believed that 10-HDA is responsible for the many health benefits that Royal Jelly promotes. It also contains many amino acids including all 8 essential to humans, 16 vitamins and minerals, 18 enzymes and additional elements such as fructose and glucose.

Happy Valley is the only known commercial producer of Fresh Royal Jelly in New Zealand. Their Fresh Royal Jelly is collected from wild fields in Auckland, New Zealand and free from pesticides and other man-made chemicals.

A good quality Fresh Royal Jelly should have a 10-HDA percentage content between 1.5% and 2.2%- and Royal Jelly with a content over 2.0% is rarely found worldwide, only Happy Valley’s NZ Royal Jelly has levels over 3%. Nowhere else around the world have they been able to collect Royal Jelly with such high levels of 10-HDA.

Happy Valleys Fresh NZ Royal Jelly is the best quality, 100% natural – straight from the Beehive pure Royal Jelly available.

For the best quality worldwide- make sure you choose Happy Valley.