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Unless you have been living under a rock you would of heard of Paleo, Clean Eating and Raw Food. All of which are not diets, but rather lifestyle choices.

While these may sound like buzz words, they really make sense and are not new concepts, for example the Paleo diet is based on caveman eating habits. All of these 'lifestyle choices' opt for natural sugar alternatives vs. refined sugars.  Honey of course- is a perfect sugar alternative. 

One of the cult references of late is John Yudkins almost physic predictions and observations summarised in his hit book- Pure, White and Deadly... and no he is not referencing A Class drugs ... but instead Sugar.  When he first wrote this book in 1972 most of his observations and recommendations were ignored by the medical profession- however fast forward 44 years and his ‘predictions’ are now widely accepted. He links obesity and heart disease to refined sugar production.

But what can we do? Simple really- there are many alternatives to refined sugar, we can get natural sugars through fruit and veges high in both fructose and sucrose and of course when baking/ cooking or simply making tea or coffee we can make a few changes and instead use natural sugar alternatives.

What might these be you ask?

· Honey

· Blackstrap Molasses

· Pure Maple Syrup

· Coconut Sugar

... of course our Favourite is honey :) Check out our latest recipes here on our website or follow us on Facebook for many ways to replace refined sugar in your daily life.

This recipe is our latest fav: Coconut Cashew Chia Cream 

We will post more articles in the near future to look at all of the above alternatives and ways to use them in your daily lives in more detail- until then we challenge you – Look for 5 ways you can remove refined sugar from yours and your families diet from tomorrow- believe us, it’s actually really easy J

Love Happy Valley xxx