How can YOU help save the Bees

A world without bees would be a very bleak place indeed. Much of our food depends on pollination by bees as do our gardens and over $5 billion of New Zealand’s agricultural exports also depend on bees. Bee numbers worldwide are in decline and we must do all that we can to save them before it's too late.

So how can you help?Help make sure there is enough food for the bees by planting bee friendly gardens – below are just a few tips. For more info see:

Bee Friendly Garden Tips:

· Don’t use pesticides

· Bees like blue yellow, white or purple flowers

· Use local and native plants

· Plant flowers in groups together

· Include different sized and shaped flowers

· Try to have flowers for each season

· Favour sunny spots over shade with shelter from wind

· Avoid spraying when flowers are in bloom

· Provide fresh, pesticide free drinking water for bees

Herbs that attract bees:

· Borage

· Sage

· Oregano

· Chives

· Coriander

· Calendula

· Rosemary

Flowers that attract Bees:

· Lavender

· Forget me nots

· Sunflower

· Geranium

· California Bluebell

· Marigolds

· Sweet Alyssum

Vegetables/fruit that attract bees:

· Pumpkin

· Zucchini

· Oranges

· Lemons

· Apple

· Kiwifruit

· Plum

· Peach

Trees, shrubs and climbers

· Cabbage Tree

· Camellia

· Harakeke, NZ Flax

· Koromiko

· NZ Jasmine

· NZ Lacebark

· Pohutukawa

· Rewarewa