Clean your home with Manuka Oil

Clean your home with essential oils Did you know that the average New Zealand home is filled with thousands of artificial chemicals? Only a small percentage of these chemicals are safe for our household! It’s important to realise how often we are around these chemicals, and the effects they can have on your health and the environment. Of those that have been studied, at least 150 common household chemicals have been associated with cancer, psychological disturbances, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders and various health issues. Cleaning agents contribute a substantial amount to the toxic chemical waste in our home. Many top brand cleaners are filled with known toxins such as solvents, ammonia, formaldehyde, phthalates and ethanolamine. Many essential oils mimic the results of chemical cleaners. They can dissolve grease, brighten stains, kill mould spores and fight bacteria... without all the scary health dangers!

Check out the eco friendly Manuka Oil that actually works! But please note, when working with essential oils on a new surface, always patch test first to check for suitability. Even though they come from Mother Nature, some surfaces won’t mix!