Rewarewa Native Liquid Honey

Poured just for you from Happy Valley’s unique liquid honey bar, liquid gold Rewarewa honey has a strong flavour with a hint of malt; this honey packs a punch and is full of natural goodness & taste.

Poured straight from Happy Valley’s unique Liquid honey bar, just for you.

To see it for yourself, come in and see us at 520 Great South Road Papakura, bring your own jar or buy a container from us and we will do the rest. We can pour any amount of honey from the bar you need, and you just pay for what we pour.

When you order from the website one of our honey experts will pour a 1kg jar of Native Rewarewa honey direct from the bar.

Happy Valley’s Rewarewa Honey has a beautiful deep amber appearance and rich, full bodied malt-like taste and aroma. The flavour is rich, robust and malty with a hint of bitterness in the after taste. Rewarewa honey is produced from New Zealand's native Honeysuckle tree with red long succulent flowers.

These unusual cylinder shaped flowers only blossom for a very short period to produce nectar with a truly native flavour. The unique flowers stay curled on the tree until late summer when they fall to cover the earth in a thick red carpet. These flowers are pollinated by bees and the many nectar-feeding birds of New Zealand. Rewarewa honey contains high levels of antioxidants to support your health and well-being.

1kg NZD$30
Rewarewa Honey has a slightly savoury character that would lend itself well to cooking and is the perfect choice for people who like a strong honey flavour without overwhelming sweetness. Its robust character matches well with full flavoured, aged cheddar or nutty flavoured cheese which compliment the honey’s own nutty aroma.
Drizzle or Pour a teaspoon of happiness daily onto toast, into hot drinks or straight onto your tongue and the taste buds will love you for it.

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