Honey Field

Lemon Honey

Happy Valley's Lemon Honey infuses the delicate NZ Field honey packed full of natural goodness and taste with Zesty Lemon Juice to create a powerful yet tasty zing.

A maximum of 12 of these products can be ordered at once

500gm NZD$15.00

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Taste Sampler Gift Pack

Beautifully Packaged in a sleek box this is the perfect gift for friends and family or just keep it yourself so you can sample the very finest tasting honey flavours from New Zealand. This pack comes with x 4 250gm pots of a selection of Native & Field tasting honeys.

x4 250gm Selection NZD$41.00

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Clover Field Honey

Clover honey has a very pleasing mild taste with a sweet floral flavour. This honey is packed full of natural goodness.

500gm NZD$18
1kg NZD$30

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Wildflower Field Honey

Wildflower honey has a rich, sweet flavour and aroma that lingers on the taste buds.

500gm NZD$17
1kg NZD$29

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Borage Field Honey

Borage is a delicate smooth, pleasant & mild honey full of natural goodness.

500gm NZD$17 Out of Stock
1kg NZD$29 Out of Stock

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Field Comb Honey

Field honey comb, presented as the bees created it, Honey Comb is pure and unprocessed.

340g $30.00 NZD$22.00
100g NZD$ Out of Stock

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