Borage Field Honey

Borage is a delicate smooth, pleasant & mild honey full of natural goodness.

Happy Valley’s Borage honey is a delicate, smooth and mild honey full of natural goodness. Blue Borage has a vibrant blue flower, and grows wild in some of the hill country areas of the South Island of New Zealand and is in full blossom when the honeybees are collecting the nectar over Summer.
250gm NZD$10
2 x 250gm $20 NZD$15
500gm NZD$17
2 x 500gm $34 NZD$30
1kg NZD$29
This honey is noted for its unique herbal flavour. The honey has a delicate flavour with a floral bouquet and being high in fructose is excellent as a drink sweetener and natural sugar replacement.

Add lashings on breakfast cereals, drizzle on toast and in tea.

Feeling adventurous? Use it as a sugar replacement when baking or make a sweet honey bassted chicken dish or whip up some Nougat to satisfy the sweet tooth.


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