Field Comb Honey

Field honey comb, presented as the bees created it, Honey Comb is pure and unprocessed.

*** Customers please note this seasons stock is not up to our usual standard. Due to this we have reduced price to reflect the stock available ***

Happy Valley’s field Honeycomb is completely pure and unprocessed. A single cell of honeycomb is filled with the concentrated nectar of thousands of flowers, the healthiest and most raw form of honey available.

Each comb is carefully cut and packaged by hand shortly after harvest - a rare delicacy to be savoured when available! Seasonal and 100% edible!

340g Premium Quality NZD$26
With a deceptively light texture this honeycomb packs a punch. A less sweet style honey with strong herbaceous and bitter flavours reminiscent of burnt toffee followed by a mellow chewy background flavour.

Simply cut, drizzle, and eat – that’s right you can eat the honey and the waxy comb. The perfect addition to a cheese board or antipasto platter.

Lovely with oat or ginger flavoured baking, cereal or porridge or swirled through yoghurt. The bitterness of the honey works well with creamy blue cheese and quince paste.


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