Honey Native range

Pohutukawa Native Honey

Native to New Zealand and flowering in the summer along our Coastlines with brilliant red flowers, Pohutukawa is a white creamy textured honey, a unique floral taste with a hint of salty sea breezes.

500gm NZD$19
1kg NZD$31

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Manuka Blend Native Honey

Native Manuka is blended with field and native NZ honey to create a rich and mild honey, and still has the strong rich flavour of Manuka that lingers on the taste buds.

250gm NZD$16.50
500gm NZD$27
1kg NZD$50

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Rewarewa Native Honey

Rewarewa has a strong flavour with a hint of malt; this honey packs a punch and is full of natural goodness & taste

250g NZD$11
500g $18 NZD$12.50
1kg $30 NZD$24.00

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Kamahi Native Honey

The smooth velvety amber honey, with a hint of malt flavour and not as sweet as most other honey types sure packs a flavour punch.

250gm NZD$11
500gm NZD$18
1kg NZD$30

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Tawari Native Honey

Tawari is light in colour with a beautiful taste similar to butterscotch, this honey is packed full of flavour, taste and natural goodness.

250gm NZD$11
500gm $18 NZD$12.50
1kg NZD$30

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Taste Sampler Gift Pack

Beautifully Packaged in a sleek box this is the perfect gift for friends and family or just keep it yourself to sample the very finest tasting honey flavours from New Zealand.

4 x 250gm Tasting Selection NZD$41

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