UMF® NZ Manuka Honey

Natures Wonderfood with unique properties sourced from New Zealand’s native Manuka tree.
The benefits of Manuka have been documented throughout New Zealand and Maori history.



For thousands of years honey has been known for its antibacterial, healing and health-enhancing properties. Certain honeys from specific plants are more effective than others, and the honey that comes from some strains of the New Zealand Manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium) is one of these.

In 1981 Dr Peter Molan (MBE), Associate Professor in Biochemistry at Waikato University, confirmed that some strains of the New Zealand Manuka bush honey contains an extraordinary, naturally present, very stable and powerful activity not found in any other variety of honey. 


Mystifying Manuka ratings?

For many years people have been aware of the properties of honey and its benefits. But what many may not know is what makes Manuka so special as well as the meaning of all the confusing labeling plastered across Manuka honey

If you are confused- we are not surprised. TA , UMF, NPA, MGO, BioActive, Active …. 5+ 7+ 10+ 15+ 18+ 20+….550

While it is understandable to think that they all mean the same thing- it is not the case. So how do you know what you are reading and buying when it comes to Manuka honey? Firstly you have to debunk the myths and unravel the jargon surrounding Manuka honey. Let us help you:

What does all the jargon mean?



The phrase UMF®(Unique Manuka Factor)   to reveal the unique  component present in manuka honey, but not present in any other honey. In order to have the UMF® logo the producer must firstly be accredited by the association.

The UMF® association has 30 members (Happy Valley Honey is one of them) when a brand carries the UMF® logo you can be assured that the rating refers to genuine NZ manuka honey.

So how can I be sure the product can do, what they say it can do?

Image1. Look firstly for the UMF® logo- this will mean you can trust that the ratings used on the label have been independently tested

2. Ask for Independent Lab Test results so you can see the rating of the honey has been certified.


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