Field Comb Honey

Field honey comb, presented as the bees created it, Honey Comb is pure and unprocessed.

340g $25.00 NZD$19.00

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NZ Propolis & Honey

NZ Propolis is mixed with tasty and fresh NZ field honey to provide a natural remedy for throat infections, digestive upset and general wellness.

375gm (Glass Jar) $23 NZD$18.00

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NZ Propolis Extract 15%

Containing highest quality New Zealand flavonoid rich bee Propolis Extract is formulated alcohol free. Nature's Antiseptic, Antibiotic and more. *** This product expires 27/01/2018 ***

25mL $18.50 NZD$10.00
Box (x48) $888 NZD$380

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Rewarewa Native Honey

Rewarewa has a strong flavour with a hint of malt; this honey packs a punch and is full of natural goodness & taste

500g $18 NZD$12.50
1kg $30 NZD$24.00

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Royal Skin Hydrating Body Lotion

A unique, creamy and intensive Body Moisturiser that combines NZ Royal Jelly and Active 15+ Manuka honey to help repair and firm your skin, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.

250mL $25.00 NZD$17.00

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Tawari Native Honey

Tawari is light in colour with a beautiful taste similar to butterscotch, this honey is packed full of flavour, taste and natural goodness.

500gm $18 NZD$12.50

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