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Unless you have been living under a rock you would of heard of Paleo, Clean Eating and Raw Food. All of which are not diets, but rather lifestyle choices. While these may sound like...

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Chocolate Free Easter? But how?

So I am an addict. A chocolate addict. I have known this for a long while now, and despite knowing it’s my weakness I have always justified it by telling myself ‘I need it’. So...

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Happy Valley’s Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Need some healthy breakfast ideas? Happy Valley is here to help! With some delicious dishes with healthy ingredients that help keep the flu away, and boost your energy to help you through the day!...

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Delightful Summery Drinks

With Christmas coming up faster then we can prepare, we thought we would find some delicious summer drink ideas! This of course, can be adult friendly, or just a lovely drink to enjoy with family...

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How is Honey made?

It has been said that except for man, nowhere in the world is there anything to compare with the incredible efficiency of the industry of the honeybee. Inside the beehive, each bee has a special...

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Crockpot Honey Crispy Chicken

Place cut up chicken in bag with cornstarch (or Tapioca) and shake. Add a teaspoon or so of water as needed for the cornstarch to form a light batter on the chicken Place the chicken in the...

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Pulled Pork with Ginger and Star Anise

Method: Combine all ingredients except pork and vinegar in a large dish. Add pork, skin side up, keeping the skin dry and clean. Cover and allow to marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight...

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