Manuka honey

8 Tips to stay Healthy this Winter

8 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu Season As the cold weather sets in, and nasty bugs start spreading around means that cold and flu season is also on its way. We share 8 easy tips...

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The Amazing Benefits of Bee Venom

Bee venom is very unique in its composition and has multiple effects on the body: helps keep the blood circulation in normal, supports physical strength and well being, supports joint mobility,...

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Happy Valley’s Energy Boosters

Stuck for energy? Happy Valley is here to help. With a bunch of natural alternatives to help replace energy drinks and sugar (‘fake energy’). Long lasting effects with extra natural...

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Happy Valley’s Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Need some healthy breakfast ideas? Happy Valley is here to help! With some delicious dishes with healthy ingredients that help keep the flu away, and boost your energy to help you through the day!...

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Benefits to eating Honey after exercise

Right after you've put yourself through the exhilarating exertion of a workout, you need to refuel your body. You should put something into it that will start repairing muscle damage and help you...

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