Trees for Bees

Here at Happy Valley, we are serious about protecting the Bees and ensuring we do as much as possible to ensure not only the bees population, but also New Zealand’s agricultural economy that replies on bees to cross pollinate our crops.


Many of you might have heard of the declining bee colonies, the issues with Varroa mite. But – you might not be aware what you can do to help.

Happy Valley is participating in the Trees for Bees program whereby we have planted Bee friendly plants that have been strategically selected and planted to attract Bees. We have planted these native tree belts on our director’s personal properties and will soon be continuing this exercise at our production facility on great South Road.

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Why are bees important?

Imagine a world without strawberries, kiwifruit, apples, nuts, coffee, chocolate or even denim jeans! And that’s only the beginning. One mouthful in three and nearly ¾ of the diversity of our daily food is directly attributed to bee pollination. Billions of dollars in NZ export earnings depend on bee pollination. And so do many plants in your garden What is happening to our bees? Honey bees all around the world are in decline because of Varroa mite infestations and other threats. Pesticide misuse is killing bees. Habitat degradation takes away flowers which supply nectar and pollen, their essential food. Bees are now dependent on humans to protect them.

What can you do?

• Do not spray when plants are in flower or bees are present.Spray early morning or at sunset.

• Provide fresh pesticide-free drinking water for bees.

• Plant good nectar and pollen sources in your garden to nourish bees. For more information on how you can support this great clause - please see this pamphlet


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