Mark Harvey

Mark has been steering the hive since 2009. A 4th generation kiwi with a passion for entrepreneurial business, being involved in start-ups and small businesses across a multiple of industries. Mark has been instrumental in bring together all companies that make up the Melita Group today and is a CEO that’s involved in all areas of our company and well respected. A lover of spreadsheets, sport and working outside on his lifestyle property. Happiest when away from phones and in the Greek Islands.

Favourite product

Rewarewa Honey – for its caramel taste

Interesting fact

At 10 years old he ran 10kms each way to get to rugby training, all so he could play for the best team in the district – but to get there on time he had to sneak out of school early.

Narissa Harvey

Joining the company in 2013, Narissa brings with her a wealth of experience working in Sales & brand Management across FMCG and luxury goods in multi-national companies both her in NZ and Internationally. Mother to 1 son, and a Dog named Larry. Most happiest when with her Family and friends laughing and dreams of returning to Tulum in Mexico and getting Croatia off the bucket list.

Favourite product

Honeycomb - on a cheese platter with blue cheese and Quince paste (thank her later) Royal Skin night Cream, and Propolis & Manuka Oil for the First Aid Kit.

Interesting fact

She has a sister born on the same day, but they are not twins as they are 5 years apart - and it runs in the family

Alesha Parkes

For Alesha, being part of the Happy Valley family means being able to work alongside her actual family as her husband Jason is also a valuable member of the team. Before arriving at Happy Valley, Alesha worked for another family business helping with race horses and discovered our company when working next door at the Famous Strawberry Shack. When not working with bees, Alesha’s passion for animals continues in her home life with horses which she has always ridden and is happiest when on the back of one. In between being a busy working mum, she indulges in netball, water sports, spending time with family and friends and traveling to Europe or getting away to New Zealand’s own Queenstown. 

Favourite Product

For Alesha, choosing just one product is difficult as she uses so many. She uses Bee Pollen to keep her immune system in check and energy levels up throughout winter, she always has Manuka Oil in her first aid kit to use on both two-legged and four-legged family members and loves the Royal Skin Range. She is also a big fan of the Propolis Throat Spray.

Interesting fact

Alesha was born on the same day as her sister... but they’re not twins! The coincidence runs in her family.

Saskia Rae Brown

Just like our honey, Saskia is New Zealand born and has been happily working at Happy Valley since she finished high school. When she isn’t dedicating herself to ensuring quality and honey production, Saskia enjoys playing netball, spending time with friends, attempting to sing her favourite songs. Her favourite travel destination is Amsterdam and if she wasn’t working at Happy Valley she would be either a personal trainer or in the Army. 

Comb Honey

Happy Valley’s Comb Honey with cheese and crackers and Liquid Wildflower in her breakfast protein shakes. 

Interesting fact

She is the only member of her family - from immediate through to first cousins - with blue eyes!

Ashley Rich

Ashley is a true Kiwi, born and bred in New Zealand. She has always been fascinated with Europe, and specifically the UK. She moved over there for 2 years and did lots of travelling. Her dream is to settle permanently in England. She landed her job at Happy Valley while still in England, over video call! She says that her job combines her 2 ideal positions of customer service and admin. She loves to gym and play netball, but also enjoys her downtime by online shopping and watching Netflix.

Interesting fact

In 2019, Ashley got on a health kick and lost 30kg! Go Ashley!

Garreth Irving

Interesting fact

Richard Kee
Ruth Chen

Ruth always has a big smile on her face which is perfect for spreading joy and love at Happy Valley’s Queenstown store. Before joining the Happy Valley family, Ruth worked for tourism company where she gained marketing and sale skills. She is at her happiest when spending time with close friends and families. When Ruth is not at the HIVE, she enjoys 5k running, hiking and music. If she wasn’t at Happy Valley, Ruth would either go back to university for further study, or go traveling and experience different cultures and food.

Favourite product

Lemon honey for its very strong lemon taste; and bee pollen with cereals or breakfast smoothies  for general well-being.

Interesting fact

Ruth’s birthday is on Youth Day in China.

Eleanor Kerslake

Eleanor is of Welsh descent, born in England, grew up in Whakatane, and moved to Auckland for her final year of high school. As of 2019, she has completed her Bachelors of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Management and began interning at Happy Valley. She has aspirations to complete her Masters in Marketing in 2020. Eleanor has a huge passion for animals, including her dog Monty, and loves to travel.

Favourite product

Happy Valley's Squeezy Kids Honey, as it's a great sweetener for her morning coffee.

Interesting fact

Eleanor's birthday is on Valentine's Day, which tends to make booking birthday dinners complicated.